Speaking Testimonials

“David has worked with my class for almost a decade, so I’ve had a chance to watch him interact with an audience often. His command of the material and the facts are amazing. Students can ask the most peculiar questions, and he either has the answer or knows where to get it. He listens, well. He cuts through the words to get to the heart of the matter quickly. He works with a sense of humor and vision. He is engaging and puts the students completely at ease. The icing on top of the cake—he has answered questions in Spanish and Japanese. He’s great.”

Jeffrey Kulick

Marketing Instructor, George Mason University School of Business

“I have known and worked with David Morse for over 15 years. David is one of the most respected multicultural market research experts in his field. David has presented at many of our marketing conferences over the years. He is articulate, passionate, funny and able to keep attendees interested at all times. Above all David is a real pro, always prepared to answer any questions and works well with small or large groups.”

Rick Aguilar

President, Aguilar Productions

“I have always admired the work of David Morse. He is a pioneer in multicultural marketing and a very thoughtful speaker and author. His book “Multicultural Intelligence” has been important to many who understand the importance of culturally relevant strategy. When I was professor at Florida State University he lectured to my students based on that book and without fail he was rated as a great speaker. The graduate students truly enjoyed his book and felt it gave them insights they needed. I recommend David Morse without hesitation as a speaker, strategist, and author.”

Felipe Korzenny

Ph.D. Professor and Center Director Emeritus, Florida State University

“David is a pioneer in multicultural market research and is truly an expert in the field. He is one of the best speakers in the business, and has written the definitive book on multicultural marketing. As a market researcher, he is a consummate professional, and consistently ensures that his clients receive the benefit of his experience and expertise.”

Myrna DeJesus

Senior Director of Strategic Planning , UWG

“David is a dynamic, engaging, passionate individual and all of these qualities shine through when he leads a session. He has great business experiences that he shares throughout his presentation and couples that with clear takeaways that participants can immediately put into action. I’d highly recommend having David help your business or present to employees or groups on Market Research.”

Dina Finta

Strategic Growth Consultant and Trainer, ThrivePoint Programs

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