Market Research Testimonials

I have known David Morse for over ten years now. I have always been impressed by his passion for multicultural marketing, his curiosity to uncover insights, his ease in translating insights into actionable recommendations and the quality of client interaction him and his company have offered. I have worked with David as a client on market research projects at Nestle as well as well at Nissan. Most recently, David has assisted the multicultural marketing efforts at Nissan by helping us understand what drives vehicle choice and purchase decisions among distinct groups of Indian-Americans and Chinese-Americans as well as Hispanics. The work was done in a timely manner, with high-quality deliverables, deep insights and strong recommendations. I highly recommend David’s work, his knowledge of the US multicultural space and ability to educate and assist marketers in building their own expertise in the space.

Anna Todorova

Manager, Market Intelligence , Nissan Motor Corporation

David is a thought leader in the multicultural marketing space, and I highly recommend engaging with him. We partnered on high-visibility multicultural projects while I was at Disney, and he delivered great insights to address sensitive multicultural marketing issues. He promotes innovate market research approaches that cater to multicultural consumers, getting deeper insights from diverse segments. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to his market research classes at UCLA, co-presenting with him to impart both academic and practical business knowledge for addressing today’s complex multicultural marketplace. I’m always looking for that next opportunity to work with David and tap into his expertise!

Thomas Quill

Director of Consumer Research & Insights, Farmers Insurance Group of Companies

“I’ve had the privilege of working with David over the course of many years. He and his team at New American Dimensions are recognized authorities on the evolving and growing multicultural U.S. landscape, and his partnership with me at companies like Kraft/Mondelez and ConAgra Foods resulted in a deep understanding of the opportunity to build and strengthen our brands’ relationships with these consumers. David’s and New American Dimensions’ approach is one that decodes the market, addresses the hard issues, and results in actionable insight for the many business partners who need this kind of strategic direction. David also has a knack for very clear writing on the topic of multiculturalism, and he is an engaging, informative, and entertaining speaker on the topic of the changing consumer marketplace.”

Michael Pence

SVP Consulting, Kantar Added Value

“David is a pioneer in the multicultural consumer insights space. When most CPG companies were just dipping their toes into multicultural consumers, David and his team were conducting sophisticated segmentation and health & wellness mega studies. David is a champion of deep and actionable consumer insights. His strategic thinking in research design, rigorous fieldwork and actionable output makes him a trustworthy research partner. One of David’s most impressive qualities is his love for history, curiosity and never-ending desire to learn new things. He is also a charismatic speaker that educates and inspires a crowd effortlessly.”

Jinghuan Liu Tervalon

Manager Consumer Insights, Pharmavite

“David and I have worked together for the last 20+ years. I have grown to depend on his insights and expertise to grow my clients’ businesses. Aside from being an outstanding research & insights expert, David is just a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.”

Jim Lucero

President, Managing Director , The Lucero Agency

“David spearheaded a major research effort for State Farm Insurance and provided a comprehensive Qualitative and Quantitative research design that far exceeded expectations. He was able to leverage his firm’s unique capabilities as one of the leading multicultural, multilingual research companies in the world to deliver insights that allowed far-reaching business decisions to be made. David is a true business partner who can help companies solve complex problems.”

Sanjay Jayaswal

CUA Manager, User Experience Research , Verizon

“David and I have worked together for years, starting with breakthrough broad Multicultural acculturation work in the US and Canada for PepsiCo. David has keen insight, founded on sound and innovative insights tools. His personable communication style, whether delivering results or standing on stage, makes him credible and authentic with his audience.”

Jonathan Weiner

Marketing Strategy, Branding, Innovation & Insights Leader, Consulting & Advisory, Investor

“Working with David always means finding an articulate and innovative answer. Together with his team of New American Dimensions, they not only fill their mission, but they help you find the right way to develop accurate strategies to solidly position your brand in a highly competitive and aggressive market. For over ten years, being responsible for Corporate Marketing and Communications at California Commerce Bank (later known as Banamex USA / Citibank), I always relied on David’s support in the development of a variety of research projects for banking, financial products and money remittances. His initiative, level of energy, understanding of market and of course his creativity and professional knowledge undoubtedly helped us to achieve a solid leadership position for each of our products and services provided by Banamex USA – Citibank.”

Patricio Sanchez

Corporate Marketing and Communications

“Over the years marketing has evolved from strictly general market, to general and individual segment marketing, and today to marketing to a diverse U.S. market. Long before any of us thought about total market, David Morse was expert in and advising on the whole range of diverse America. David is one of the first people I met after switching from the general market world to segment marketing, and he was instrumental in helping me understand how to be a smarter marketing executive and serve my clients better. He is not old enough to be called a “pioneer” but he really is one. His insights and thought leadership are smart and actionable. He understands how all the pieces fit together and how to generate greater ROI. I know this from working with him on strategic thinking, qualitative and quantitative research, and not to mention, his thought leadership publications. David is the real deal and I am honored to call him a colleague.”

Roberto Orci

CEO, Acento Advertising

“Driven. Passionate. Very Smart. Transparent. Kind. These are the characteristics that I recognized right away in David Morse when I first met him. These are the same characteristics that have kept me connected with and inspired by David over the 20+ years of our business and personal relationship. He is one of the great minds in marketing and especially multicultural marketing. As a fellow ethnic consumer researcher and observer of the changing American landscape, David keeps the marketing industry (and society) informed about the changing American landscape and why they should care. His groundbreaking book, Multicultural Intelligence: Eight Make-Or-Break-Rules for Marketing to Race, Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation, zeroed in on key challenges and opportunities for understanding and marketing to the ethnic segment. His latest book, Divided We Stand (2017) is likely to be the most important book in the age of “Total Market.” David is fearless as he ever so smartly peels back the layers of America’s conscious and unconscious biases against various population segments. David is also a great collaborator because he listens first and is insightful and analytical second. It’s the listening and passion that drives him to push out engaging blogs, insightful books and research studies that takes him into a Black barbershop with a Black moderator to listen to conversations with Black men about their Black experience for example. David Morse wants to make a difference. David Morse is making a difference. Not for his glory, but for the betterment of society, culture and the marketing industry. You can’t help but love to work with a guy like this!”

Pepper Miller

President, The Hunter-Miller Group, Inc. Author, Black "Still" Matters in Marketing; Co-Author "What's Black About It?"

“I have always loved working and partnering with David! He is insightful, thoughtful, and collaborative, and is always invested in both the project and the client to ensure success. Furthermore, David’s depth of interest and knowledge in the multicultural space is vast- but more importantly, his ability to practically apply these insights to real world problems is what sets him apart. Beyond his expertise, David’s calm demeanor and engaging personality is a fantastic asset. I hope to work with him again soon!”

Wenny Katzenstein

Brand and Product Strategy, Customer Experience, Insights

“I worked with David several times on research projects and was always impressed with his approach to research, as well as his ability to find new insights and ideas based on the findings. David has a deep knowledge of the consumer and as such always recommends innovative ways to use research to solve business problems. His staff is excellent and I highly recommend he and his company for large and small projects alike.”

Jason Carey

Assistant Vice President, Communications & Marketing , Brooklyn College

“David is truly a world-class market research professional and leads a stellar team that I have been proud to work with as both client and partner on numerous projects over the past 10 years. As the foremost multicultural market expert in the US, he is an indispensable advisor to our team as well as our client partners. David has advised some of the most notable companies and organizations in the U.S. and internationally and has never met a challenge he didn’t overcome. He is an explorer that gets answers. He has become an expert on complex market segments because he has an unquenchable curiosity. His work is creative, intuitive and, most importantly, on point. You simply will not find a better partner, more consummate professional or a more knowledgeable source on US multicultural markets than David Morse.”

Amber Curry Gracia

Co-founder, Impact AO

“One single name comes always first to the top of my mind whenever I think of true experts in the new and diverse America. That name is David Morse. A true multicultural marketing expert, but above all, an expert on cultural relativity and the ability to look at social phenomena from multiple, fresh perspectives. Working with him as a researcher, reading any of his writings are true sources of inspiration –never a conventional or superficial approach, always some challenging thoughts that emanate from his oh so natural ability to empathize with different cultures and sub-cultures, regardless of how close or how distant they may be from David’s personal reality. I always think of him as the embodiment of the perfect marriage between academia and real life –actually, what good social and market research should be in modern times. For anyone trying to understand Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans and LGBT in the mosaic that constitute the new America, his “Multicultural Intelligence” from 2009 is still the go-to book that would distance them from stereotypes by leading to real, objective knowledge on the richness and nuances of diversity. And for those who keep wondering how it is that this great country has come to its current polarization on social and political views, his newly published “Divided We Stand – Racism in America from Jamestown to Trump” will bring a much-needed history of the many and at times uncomfortable stages in the building of America.”

Marta Insua

Chief Curiosity Director, Alma DDB

“David has that rare blend of perspective and vision. His pioneering work in cross-cultural research was always insightful and ahead of its time. His latest work is no exception. In my opinion, the ability to draw from experience yet not get stuck in a comfort zone is the sign of an innovator. David’s recent work on racism and his continued updates on previous work demonstrate the kind of passion and persistence that multicultural marketing requires. More important than my respect, he has the respect of a wide spectrum of clients and of a community who benefits from his contributions.”

Rochelle Newman-Carrasco

Chief Hispanic Marketing Strategist , Walton Isaacson

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